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In The News: Richmond Seeks Partners for Seizure of Foreclosed Properties

On January 13, 2014 the Sacramento Bee Newspaper reported that the City of Richmond are seeking a partnership with other local communities. Richmond wants to form a joint powers authority that would allow it to seize the mortgages on foreclosed homes, write down the principal, and refinance the loan. Mortgage lenders and investors would take […]

In The News: San Joaquin County Residents Get Opportunity to Comment on New Winery Rules

On January 24, 2014 the Stockton Record Newspaper reported that San Joaquin County residents had their first opportunity to comment on proposed changes to regulation of wineries within the county. The proposed changes deal specifically with events held at wineries. According to the article, wineries and business advocates claim these events are vital for the […]

In The News: UC Merced Protects 6,500 Acres of Grassland

On January 23, 2014 the Modesto Bee Newspaper reported the University of California Board of Regents had voted to preserve over 6,500 acres of grassland on the north and east side of the UC Merced Campus. The article indicated the grassland is unique for its vernal pools. The land is already used by university students […]

In The News: Efforts To Conserve Sand Dunes In Oakley, California

On January 27, 2014 the San Francisco Chronicle published an article about efforts to preserve the historic sand dunes in Oakley, California. The article indicates the City of Oakley was built on sandy topography that was slowly buried by farming, flood control levees, and land development. According to the article local conservation advocates have been […]

In The News: Modesto City Budget Cuts May Impact Land Use

On January 13, 2014 the Modesto Bee Newspaper reported that efforts to cut the City of Modesto Budget may have impacts on land use within the City. The article listed several proposals for budget cuts that would allow the City to make up part of a 9 million dollar shortfall they will face over the […]

In The News: FEMA Begins Process To Add Stockton Homes To High Risk Flood Zone

On February 5, 2014 the Stockton Record Newspaper reported that FEMA was beginning a process to add 5,000 homes in the Smith Canal area of Stockton to a high risk flood zone. According to the article, several years have passed since FEMA granted a grace period to fix local levees. FEMA could also take similar […]

In The News: PG&E Donates High Sierra Property in Kennedy Meadows to Tuolumne County reports The Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council announced the transfer of a 240 acre parcel in the High Sierra to Tuolumne County. This is the first of multiple land transfers from PG&E to be arranged and supervised by the Stewardship Council. A conservation easement over the same 240 acre parcel was conveyed […]

In The News: City of West Sacramento Launches Real Estate Web Site

On December 2, 2013 the Sacramento Business Journal announced the City of West Sacramento had launched a web site designed to help businesses find land and buildings in the City. The article says Kevin Jasper, a local land broker, expects the city will find interest in industrial land within the city in the near future, […]