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In The News: Building Boom In San Francisco Brings City Government Unexpected Funds

On December 13, 2013 the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a building boom in the City has brought in unexpected funds to City Government. The funds are from development fees paid by land developers. The funds are used to pay for street, transit, and open space improvements within the city limits. According to the article […]

In The News: Project Development Costs Stall Old Sacramento Riverfront Path

On January 5, 2014 the Sacramento Bee Newspaper reported that it will cost about 11 million dollars to extend a pedestrian path, bike trail, and other park features along the Sacramento River from O Street to Miller Park.  Work on the existing path this project would extend was paid for with state grants and redevelopment […]

In The News: Editorial In Support of Westlake Master Planned Community in Fresno

On December 10th the Fresno Bee Newspaper published an editorial in support of the Westlake Master Planned Community in Fresno. The editorial describes the benefits the 430 acre, 2.600 home community would bring to the area. The article states that: ” This part of Fresno is in dire need of private investment and upscale housing. […]

In The News: Dispute Over Ground Water Well In Patterson

The Modesto Bee Newspaper reported on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 that there is a legal dispute over the rights to water from a large ground water well in Patterson, California. The industrial ground water well was formerly used by Patterson Frozen Foods and has a capacity to rival that of all the other water users […]

In The News: San Joaquin County Plans Vineyard Regulation Changes

San Joaquin County has taken two (2) recent actions related to the regulation of vineyards and wine making. CBS Sacramento reports that the San Joaquin County Planning Commission will soon vote on a ban on winery events on the over 100,000 acres of vineyards within the county boundary. The ban is opposed by the Lodi […]