In The News: Modesto City Budget Cuts May Impact Land Use

By admin

On January 13, 2014 the Modesto Bee Newspaper reported that efforts to cut the City of Modesto Budget may have impacts on land use within the City. The article listed several proposals for budget cuts that would allow the City to make up part of a 9 million dollar shortfall they will face over the next 30 months. The following proposed budget cuts would impact land use or property owners within the city:

  1. Selling “non-conforming” city parks. These are parks that aren’t attached to a community center or school. If homeowners in the vicinity of the parks aren’t willing to fund park maintenance, they could be sold for private development projects.
  2. Closing or selling the Downtown Convention Center.
  3. Eliminating the City’s support for a forestry program that trims and maintains the City’s trees.


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