Valley Children’s Hospital Ponding Basin Trail System

ClientValley Children's Hospital
LocationMadera, CA
DisciplinesCivil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying

Located in the Gunner Ranch West Subdivision of Madera County just north of Fresno, the Gunner Ranch Community Trail was developed by Valley Children’s Hospital in accordance with the Gunner Ranch West Specific Plan. This semi-looped trail represents the first phase of a trail loop that will encircle Valley Children’s Hospital’s existing detention basin. This basin not only captures rainwater from the entire hospital campus but also provides habitat for native fauna and migrating fowl.

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company aimed to highlight this environmental commitment by incorporating amenity areas with terraced seating at strategic locations, offering optimal views of these habitats and the Sierra Nevada Range beyond the project site. The asphalt trail pathway is bordered on either side by Pistache trees, which not only showcase seasonal changes but also provide much-needed shade during the summer months. These shade trees are interspersed with flowering trees to add visual interest.

Fitness stations are thoughtfully positioned at regular one-eighth-mile intervals, allowing fitness enthusiasts to track their progress. This trail stands as the inaugural amenity within the Gunner Ranch West subdivision, offering users not only a place to appreciate the natural beauty of Madera County but also an opportunity to exercise in a functional and seasonal environment surrounded by native flora and fauna.