25 Years, 25 Acts – Check! Now What?

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Last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary! To commemorate this occasion and give back to the communities that make our profession possible, we decided to complete 25 acts of service. Throughout the year, O’Dell team members championed causes near and dear to their hearts. The entire team came together to complete 25 acts, a few of which included:

As 2019 wound down, and we took a moment to reflect, we asked ourselves, what next? Yes, our 25th anniversary had spurred this program, and yes, 26 years in business doesn’t have quite the same catchy ring to it, but why should the acts stop now? We’ve always given back where possible, and the 25 acts program reminded us how important it truly is. In each act we completed, we positively affected our communities, and, as a pleasant surprise, ourselves! We decided to keep paying it forward and continue improving our communities wherever we can. Because, isn’t that what we are here to do? Roadways, water lines, parks, parking lots, trails, site plans – they might not seem all that glamorous all the time – but in reality they really do affect the lives of each person who encounters them. We hope our designs make the world a better place, and that these acts do too.

To kick-off our 2020 acts of service, we are sponsoring the Hope Blooms Garden Project for Love Modesto on April 25 th. Hope Blooms Garden is a beautiful daffodil garden located near our Modesto office at the intersection of Coffee Road and Scenic Avenue. Hope Blooms Garden is tended to year-round by cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. We selected this project to sponsor due to its proximity to our office and our previous involvement in the garden. O’Dell staff actually assisted with the design of this garden when it was first created in 2006. In addition to sponsoring, O’Dell staff will also be volunteering for this project. We look forward to completing as many acts of service in 2020 as we can, and hope we also inspire you to give back wherever possible. Real change is enacted one small gesture at a time! #25Years25Acts #2020Acts #ContinueToGive

Love Modesto’s vision is to love the City so it will thrive! They lead community wide volunteerism and initiatives among neighborhoods, schools, and marginalized children. Love Modesto has taken place yearly since 2007. Each year, thousands of people volunteer to complete community service projects that make the City better.

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