O’Dell Engineering News: Chad Kennedy & John Zhang Promoted to Principal

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O’Dell Engineering is pleased to announce that Mr. Chad Kennedy, P.L.A. and Mr. John Zhang, P.E. have been promoted to Principal. Mr. Kennedy will continue as Landscape Architecture Department Head. Mr. Zhang will serve as Pleasanton Division Manager and will continue his role as River Islands Senior Project Manager. Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Zhang have been strong leaders within the firm for many years. Their outstanding professional qualities include forward-thinking innovation, dedication to firm growth, and a passionate commitment to their clients.

Mr. Kennedy joined O’Dell Engineering in 2005. In 2006, he was appointed as the Director of Landscape Architecture. In 2013, he was made an Associate at the firm. Through his work at O’Dell, Mr. Kennedy has designed and overseen countless community improvement projects in Northern California including parks, playgrounds, trails, recreation facilities, residential developments, transportation systems, and commercial landscapes. In every project he completes, his design is focused on positively impacting the community through innovative, sustainable, and inclusive design principles. In addition to his role as Director of Landscape Architecture, Mr. Kennedy has played a key role in the strategic planning, marketing, and business development of the firm. He has successfully developed new market areas, fostered important relationships, and secured work with new clients.

Mr. Zhang has held a key role in the firm since joining in 2013. His breadth of knowledge and experience in land development is a superior asset to the firm. He brought with him many years of experience on the River Islands at Lathrop project, and led the seamless integration of this master planned community into O’Dell’s project portfolio. Mr. Zhang has been instrumental in developing the branch office in Pleasanton. He has demonstrated the ability to successfully develop and lead a robust, energetic team; to consistently work closely with clients; and to maintain an amazing grasp of details large and small.

Randall O’Dell, President of the firm, stated, “I’m honored to introduce Chad and John as new Principals with the firm. They are not only a pleasure to work with daily, they have positioned themselves in Northern California as preeminent leaders in their professions. We are pleased to have them on board in key roles contributing to the success and future of the firm.”

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Zhang to the principal level as they join Mr. Randall O’Dell, President, and Mr. Dylan Crawford, Executive Vice President. The addition of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Zhang as Principals is a testament to O’Dell’s commitment to future growth. Mr. O’Dell and Mr. Crawford welcome them and look forward to many more successful years working together.

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