Santana Ranch Fairview Road Widening

This 2,500 foot long project widened Fairview Road at the intersection of Sunnyslope Road in the Santana Ranch Development. O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided topographic and boundary surveys, a preliminary road layout, construction documents, a 35,000 sqft streetscape plan, legal descriptions, SWPPP services, construction surveying, construction phase services, and storm drain mitigation for the […]

Whitmore Avenue/Highway 99 Interchange

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided non-traffic related improvements to the Caltrans interchange at Whitmore Avenue and Highway 99. The project included 1.3 acres of space within the Caltrans and City of Ceres right-of-way. The project required a creative approach to aesthetics and formal landscape in order to keep landscape installation costs below Caltrans standard […]

R Street Bridge

The project included a box culvert to pass Fahren’s Creek and a separate pedestrian/bike path under the roadway. Surveying including land net and boundary surveying, right of way needs mapping, topographic mapping and construction staking. Additional work involved environmental permitting; designing multiple horizontal and vertical curves over the creek, a tie-in with the bike path […]

Sylvan Avenue Pedestrian Overcrossing

This project included nearly 35,000 sqft of landscaped area located around the construction zone of a new pedestrian bridge serving Enoch High School students. Communication with the City and School District was a key factor as complex issues arose with property boundaries, existing irrigation systems, and existing site materials. Responsibilities and services included project management […]

Jack Tone Road Bikeway

This project included 1.2 miles of landscape improvements for a class I separated bike path in Ripon California. The plans included a two lane bike path with drinking fountains and benches adjacent to Jack Tone Road, a wide road connecting much of the town with the nearby highway. Plant species of a variety of colors, […]

Golden Valley Parkway

This project included a mile of landscape improvements to Golden Valley Parkway. Plant species of a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and branching structures were chosen to improve the experience for drivers as they hurry through town, while providing interest and variety for slower moving pedestrians and cyclists. Trees were selected on criteria first and […]

California High-Speed Rail

In 2011, O’Dell Engineering began managing the right of way surveying of the Merced to Fresno section of the California High-Speed Rail. Success on the Merced to Fresno segment led to the award of an additional right of way surveying and engineering contract in 2014 for the remaining sections. The work includes land net maps, […]

Buena Vista Bridge

This project included the construction of a new urban street bridge across the Fahrens Creek Bypass Flood Channel in the City of Merced. Interesting aspects of the project included FEMA compliance, a new bikeway undercrossing, flood channel constraints, utility resolutions, concrete pilings, concrete deck roadway, and pedestrian corridors.