Ceres Service Road Sewer Line Extension

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided design and coordination services for two sewer line projects in the City of Ceres. The Moffett Road to Mitchell Road segment included approximately 2,600 lineal feet of new 42” sewer line. The Crows Landing to Head Work segment included approximately 7,500 lineal feet of new 36” sewer line.  The […]

Messick Road Bridge Replacement

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided land surveying services to San Joaquin County for the Messick Road Bridge Replacement Project. The work included establishing survey controls, performing a complete topographic survey 400 feet upstream and downstream from the existing bridge structure, channel cross sections at 25 ft. intervals, performing a complete right-of-way survey, and preparing […]

Altamont Creek

The Altamont Creek project is comprised of a single family residential 130 lot subdivision and creekside neighborhood park. The project included a complex storm drainage solution, bio-swales for improvements to water quality, a FEMA map revision, the Altamont Creek Bridge, creekside habitat restoration, vernal pool planning and avoidance, habitat mitigation, complex hillside grading techniques, and […]