Stanislaus County Parks Master Plan

ClientStanislaus County
LocationStanislaus County, CA
DisciplinesLandscape Architecture

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company is currently providing professional services for the Stanislaus County Parks Master Plan. The updated Master Plan will address important issues such as current parks and recreation trends, current funding and grant opportunities, new development trends and locations, current partnership and joint use agreement trends, modern best practices and design standards, and current codes and guidelines. Our team will look at these and many other issues to provide a document to the County that will direct staff, councils, and board in their efforts for the next twenty years of development and management of park facilities. O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company is providing services including research and documentation, community outreach, recreation planning, master plan preparation, preparation of a capital improvement and financial plan, and a program environmental impact report. The updated Master Plan include the current inventory of County parks and facilities, a needs assessment, best practices, design guidelines, recommendations, and a capital improvement and financial plan. Pedestrian trails and bike paths play a key role in the Parks Master Plan, as a community survey identified those recreation features as one of the top three most favored aspects of the County’s park and recreation facilities.