Fahren’s Creek

ClientDunmore Homes
LocationMerced, CA
DisciplinesCivil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture

This 174 acre multi-phase master planned area included 574 single family dwellings with master plan infrastructure including sewer pump stations, arterial streets, Caltrans permitting, traffic signals, and FEMA processing. The most complex feature of this development was a floodwater bypass channel designed to receive excessive flows from Fahren’s creek. O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided services including infrastructure study, utility master plans, feasibility analysis, construction documents, Caltrans coordination, SWPPP/QSP, flood plain hydrology, topographic and boundary surveying, mapping, legal descriptions, construction staking, park and trail design, site planning, urban/streetscape design, commercial landscapes, urban and community planning, and master and specific plans, among others.