Burbank Paradise Park

ClientStanislaus County
LocationModesto, CA
DisciplinesLandscape Architecure, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Funded by the California Prop 68 grant, a new neighborhood park called Burbank-Paradise Park in west Modesto was officially opened to the public this past June, where residents can now enjoy a diverse mix of active and passive recreational opportunities. O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company’s team of professionals was engaged to provide design services that included a nature themed playground, a splash pad, an adult fitness area, and picnic amenities. Safety considerations, such as the addition of security cameras and solar lighting, were thoughtfully integrated into the design to help visitors feel safe while visiting the park. Sustainable techniques, including smart irrigation system to reduce water use, a rain garden that captures onsite stormwater drainage, and use of native plant species, were also included in the design.