An Awesome Day in Modesto: The Awesome Spot Playground Groundbreaking!

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Construction has officially begun on The Awesome Spot Playground at Beyer Community Park. We are so excited to be one step closer to realizing this amazing recreational asset in the Modesto community! The Awesome Spot is a socially inclusive and sensory-integrated playground designed to eliminate social, physical, and cognitive barriers from play. From a phone call with the City of Modesto seven years ago to the groundbreaking last week, this project has been a community-driven labor of love.

The features that make this playground so special include a play station with different levels so children using wheelchairs and walkers can play too, drums and xylophones that allow for auditory and tactile stimulation, and a sensory perch where children can climb or sit at various levels depending their abilities, among many other amazing attributes!

O’Dell Engineering has supported this project with 100% donated services. Work has included topographic surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, sponsorship packet development, planning support and attendance at over 40 fundraisers, fund management, website development and maintenance, over 30 public outreach meetings, promotional videos, committee coordination, technical writing, graphic design, and more. The design includes sensory rich play, custom play equipment, and an emphasis on childhood development. When completed, it will be a place where children and adults of all ages and abilities can recreate together.

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