Shortage of Electrical Transformers May Cause Construction Delays

By admin

With the demand for new homes as strong as it has been in many years, there are many factors now affecting the delivery of new home construction. Shortages of labor and materials have driven prices higher and extended lead times for construction.

One of the most significant shortages relates to the installation of electric facilities needed for power to new homes. Not only is copper wire and plastic conduit becoming more expensive and harder to find, but the biggest hit to construction is also the availability of Electrical Transformers. A single transformer supplies electric power to approximately 10-14 homes.

Currently, in the PG&E service area, lead times for ordering transformers are now in excess of 12 months. The Turlock Irrigation District is estimating 62 weeks, while the Modesto Irrigation District is calling for a 24-month lead time for delivery of their equipment.

Clearly, these economic circumstances will require as much advanced planning as possible to keep development projects on a reasonable schedule.

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