Modesto Rotary Centennial Music Garden Celebrates Grand Opening

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The Modesto Rotary Club Celebrates 100th Anniversary

In 2020 the Modesto Rotary Club celebrated 100 years of being committed to improving the world, on a local and global level. Some notable projects the Club has been involved with over the years include, painting the interior of a YMCA building, planting 20 Valley Oak trees in Tuolumne Regional Park, organizing the annual “Stride to Breakfast” event promoting senior health and fitness, and so much more!  

The Modesto Rotary Club honored 100 years of community improvement by gifting the Modesto Rotary Centennial Music Garden to the City of Modesto.

The Modesto Rotary Centennial Music Garden

The Modesto Rotary Centennial Music Garden is an outdoor music garden located on the Gallo Center lawn. The open-air music garden features permanent metal instruments which can be enjoyed and played by members of the community. The seatwalls and walkways are adorned with musical notes and lyrics, and it features a trellis structure.

Musical instruments include Cajon drums, a babel drum, emperor chimes, handpipes, and a tutti.

This space is part of a much bigger plan to renovate Downtown Modesto, bringing people together to interact and recreate in a unique and positive way. This park is the result of a collaborative effort between the Modesto Rotary, the Gallo Center, the Porges Family Foundation, and O’Dell Engineering.

O’Dell Donated Services as a Part of our 25 Years, 25 Acts Program

To celebrate O’Dell Engineering’s 25th anniversary, we decided to complete 25 acts of service for our communities. As part of this effort, O’Dell donated design services for the Modesto Rotary Centennial Music Garden project which included a topographic survey, a conceptual master plan, construction drawings, and construction phase support.

Some of the other acts of service we’ve completed include, donating over 100 books to a 2nd-grade classroom, volunteered at the O’BGreen Recycle Day benefiting The Awesome Spot Playground in Modesto, and donating surveying services to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy. O’Dell has been so proud to have the opportunity to improve our local communities through our work. Our team continues to be driven by participating in projects that add value and create positive experiences for our very own communities. 

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