May Nissen Park Awarded CARPD Outstanding Renovated Facility

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O’Dell Engineering is delighted to announce that Livermore Area Recreation and Park District – LARPD has been awarded the California Association of Recreation and Park Districts Award of Distinction for Outstanding Renovated Facility for May Nissen Community Park.  We loved the opportunity to assist LARPD with the development of this 100% socially inclusive park in Livermore, CA.

The fairy tale inspired playground transports users into a world of fun and imagination. Supersized flower shade structures tower overhead and whimsical sculptures of leaves, poppies, and echinaceas are sprinkled throughout the park, creating the illusion that park patrons are the size of an insect ready to explore. Lichen covered boulders, river cobble, and pockets of planting blur the lines of what is real and what is make believe. Once inside the play area, visitors are presented with play equipment that is not only accessible, but also therapeutic, as each of the 8 senses were considered while creating this park. Over-sized interactive game boards immerse players as they become the game pieces moving through mazes and around pathways. Creativity blossoms as a concert can be played on musical instruments or sculptures can be created in the sand and water area.  Seating and quiet spaces are designed to enjoy a picnic or get lost in a good book from the adjacent library. A new restroom and drinking fountain provide functional comfort to the park.

We are happy to see this community driven park recognized again! May Nissen was previously awarded the CPRS District 3 Outstanding Park Award. We love seeing the continued success of this park and hope it brings happiness and enjoyment to the community for years to come!

Thank you for The Independent Newspaper, Livermore, CA for the beautiful photos! We love to see the community enjoying this fabulous park!

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