May Nissen Park Awarded CPRS District 3 Outstanding Park

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We are so excited for our client Livermore Area Recreation and Park District – LARPD who received the CPRS District 3 Outstanding Park award for May Nissen Park. We loved creating this magical (literally, it is fairy-tale themed) park with LARPD!

May Nissen Playground is a 1.88-acre playground in Livermore, CA adjacent to a local library and aquatic facility. This 100% socially inclusive play space features areas for outdoor reading, theatrical or dramatic play, and creative play to complement the library operations, along with multiple play areas, outdoor exercise equipment, and a new restroom facility. Theming draws inspiration from classic fairy tales, from the fairy tale custom playground to the Jack-and-the-Beanstalk path with oversized leaf-shaped art, social spaces, pavement treatments, and large overhead flower shade structures. The community helped champion this project and was heavily involved in the design.

Thank you for The Independent Newspaper, Livermore, CA for the beautiful photos! We love to see the community enjoying this fabulous park!

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