Cultural Arts District Park Awarded ASLA CA Sierra Chapter 2018 Merit Award

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Cultural Arts District Park received the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) California Sierra Chapter 2018 Merit Award. Cultural Arts District Park is a unique and technologically advanced ode to the diverse artistic & cultural community of Fresno. Designed to foster creativity, support healthy living, and provide a gathering place that residents can cherish, this space is a true jewel. To design the .77 acre site to its full potential required carefully placing programming elements. Playground elements were functionally linked and meticulously selected to create a multi-sensory experience and support social inclusion. The vision was for the community’s presence to be magnified through the artistic expression of diffused, park patron interactive color-changing lighting. Sensors respond to sound and to movement of objects with varying heat signatures. Lights can also be manually operated by a DJ in order to create an immersive musical event experience.

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