O’Dell to Begin Work on Clovis Dog Park Master Plan

By admin

O’Dell Engineering was recently awarded the City of Clovis Dog Park Master Plan project. As described in this news video, the City of Clovis is impassioned about the future of dog parks in the City.  Clovis is a pedestrian friendly City with gorgeous recreational trails and many park features. With over 100,000 citizens in the City of Clovis alone and zero existing dog parks, the need for these facilities clearly exists.

O’Dell will work closely with stakeholder groups and City of Clovis staff to identify priority locations and best practices for future development of dog parks in the City.  The Master Plan will also supply conceptual designs for dog parks at existing City park facilities, associated budget estimates, and maintenance plans to allow the City to begin identifying funding sources and planning CIP budgets.

We believe that dog parks are not simply places for dogs of all shapes and sizes to run and play. While they do offer recreational opportunities for our canine companions, dog parks also offer benefits for their owners.  By merit of getting people out and into City parks, dog parks offer the opportunity for healthier and happier human companions, citizens who are more connected to one another and to the City’s recreational assets.  Dog parks function as a hub for local activity, fostering a sense of community and providing extraneous benefits such as promoting more eyes on the public realm, deterring crime, and encouraging dog owners to explore nearby shops and restaurants.

We are excited to partner with the City of Clovis to develop the best dog parks possible!

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