O’Dell Engineering Providing Survey Technology Services for Facebook’s Silicon Valley Campus

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Facebook is growing, and we’re not just talking about the social networking website. After moving into their new Frank Gehry designed headquarters MPK 20 in 2015, Facebook is expanding westward across a very complex and congested site.

O’Dell Engineering has been contracted to survey and map existing utilities using a “technology-first” approach involving a combination of our traditional survey, 3D LiDAR scanning, UAV aerial orthophotos and GPR utility locating services for the General Contractor for the MPK22 Parking Garage.

O’Dell Engineering was also selected to provide detailed 3D modeling and coordination between existing and proposed backbone underground utilities for the site utility contractor. Working very closely with the Engineer-of-Record, O’Dell Engineering was also able to suggest design solutions to achieve better constructability for the construction team.

There has been significant value realized from migrating our high-precision survey and measurements into the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment. The combination of various cutting-edge survey technologies have identified issues prior to the start of heavy construction when issues and resolution are most costly and most difficult to address.

For more information, graphics, and a drone video of this project, please visit the Projects Page.

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