The Awesome Spot Featured on CBS News and ABC News!

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The Awesome Spot, a socially inclusive playground planned for Beyer Community Park in Modesto, has had a very exciting few weeks with multiple efforts to raise awareness and to fundraise for the project.  On April 22nd, The Awesome Spot team joined the B’Green group (O’Briens Market) at Earth Day.  The team had a great time assisting the community with their recycling needs at the north end of Graceada Park.  Even the kids got involved and made a game out of sorting the CRV recyclables.

On April 21st, CBS Channel 13 News Sacramento came to Modesto and interviewed the team for a story that was run on the 10:00 news that night.  Visit this link to view the full story as it aired that night!

On April 24th, just a few days later, ABC Channel 10 News also contacted the team to run a story and raise awareness for the project.  Their story is also available online and can be viewed by clicking this link.

What an amazing few weeks The Awesome Spot has had! To see what more AWESOME upcoming events we have planned, see the list below.

O’Dell Engineering is an avid supporter and promoter of inclusive play environments.  The O’Dell team performed the site topo investigation, designed the play space, created the sponsorship packet, is involved in fundraising efforts, maintains the website, and has run all public outreach meetings. The emphasis of socially inclusive playgrounds (a term coined by O’Dell Engineering) is not on helping children with disabilities to adjust to and accept the play environment, but rather designing the play environment to meet the needs and abilities of all children. Inclusive play environments are a fundamental statement about social values and children’s right to play.

We can’t wait to see what AWESOME developments are next!

To take a 3D virtual tour of the playground, click here.

To learn more about The Awesome Spot, visit their website or Facebook page.

To make a donation to The Awesome Spot, visit their donation or GoFundMe page.

To learn more about socially inclusive play design, click here.

Upcoming Events

04/30/17 – Stanislaus Soup Presentation

05/01/17 – Modesto Sunset Lions Comedy Night Fundraiser

05/11/17 – Modesto Garden Club Presentation

05/15/17 – Amgen Tour Booth – 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

05/18/17 – Ceres Chamber of Commerce Presentation

05/25/17 – Valley Mountain Regional Center Presentation 

06/08/17 – Awesome Spot Night @ The Modesto Nuts  Code “awesome”

06/14/17 – Paint Nite at Michael’s Pizza Bar & Grill

06/26/17 – 07/04/17 – Phantom Fireworks Booth!  (pre-order now!)

10/27/17 – Trunk or Treat Classic Car Show

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