O’Dell Engineering Ranked as Number 1 Civil Engineering Firm in the CVBJ Book of Lists!

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O’Dell Engineering is pleased to announce that the firm has been ranked as the Number 1 Civil Engineering Firm in the Central Valley Business Journal Book of Lists! O’Dell is proud to provide exemplary civil engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and land planning and land use entitlement services to the Central Valley. O’Dell is committed to making a positive impact in the community with every project we complete.

O’Dell Project Manager Yushin Imura is featured in a Central Valley Business Journal article accompanying the list that provides insights into the Civil Engineering Industry. Imura describes the focus of civil engineering as “Static structures that you can walk, stand, run or bike on — bridges, buildings, all underground utilities, pretty much everything you see and use on a daily basis that does not move.” He pinpoints the purpose of civil engineering eloquently stating “Civil engineering — you’re engineering for the public. You’re responsible for the safety of everyday people and that’s what I really like about it.”

With over sixty professional staff members including 10 Registered Civil Engineers, 6 Professional Land Surveyors, and 3 Professional Landscape Architects, O’Dell Engineering places a high regard on our responsibility to create designs for the community. Having these in-house professionals fosters creativity, innovation, and efficiency. With civil engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, and planners at the lead, O’Dell projects feature comprehensive designs, run smoothly, and are technically sound.

We are excited for the opportunity to continue to serve our community with important civil engineering and landscape architecture projects!

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