O’Dell Engineering Project Updates: Riverbank Rail Corridor Connects a Community

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The City of Riverbank, CA faces an interesting challenge along a highly traveled corridor connecting residential communities and industrial facilities with the rest of town. Thoughtful planners and staff, however, have devised a plan to transform this seemingly useless space along the trail corridor into a vibrant trail system that will safely connect school children and recreators. Similar to many projects of its kind, this project will face many hurdles before it can be realized. The project must be approved and reviewed by the railroad company, public support and buy-in must be garnered, and a financial mechanism must be put in place to fund the project.

The O’Dell Engineering landscape architecture team worked with the City of Riverbank to create planning level graphics supporting the community’s desire for this safe, Class 1 bike path along Patterson Road. This project will tie into recent safe routes to school projects and aid in the creation of a safer environment for the community at large.

This project is sure to be a valuable asset to the community as it moves through the steps towards completion.

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