O’Dell Engineering Project Updates: The Awesome Spot One Step Closer to Revealing Design

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The Awesome Spot, a socially inclusive playground planned for Beyer Community Park in Modesto, is one step closer to unveiling a conceptual design! The Awesome Spot team, led by Modesto-area resident Rachel Loredo, held its second community meeting in July. After an excellent turn-out and reception from the first community design workshop in May, organizers opted to have one more meeting to make this project extra awesome!

At the second meeting, it was revealed that Homer, The Rainbow Rhino, will play a key element in the park’s design. Homer will greet playground patrons as they enter The Awesome Spot. The Rainbow Rhino, a character who was illustrated by Rachel Loredo’s grandfather, is a rhinoceros with a tusk that is too big. Homer’s classmates tease him, so he spends most of his time playing alone. This touching story ideally illustrates the importance of socially inclusive play and is sure to entertain, educate, and excite park patrons!

O’Dell Engineering is an avid supporter and promoter of inclusive play environments and has happily donated the firms land surveying and landscape architecture services for the project as a catalyst to jumpstart the venture. The emphasis of socially inclusive playgrounds (a term coined by O’Dell Engineering) is not on helping children with disabilities to adjust to and accept the play environment, but rather designing the play environment to meet the needs and abilities of all children. Inclusive play environments are a fundamental statement about social values and children’s right to play.

We can’t wait to visit The Awesome Spot and play alongside the Rainbow Rhino!

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To learn more about The Awesome Spot, visit their website or Facebook page.

To make a donation to The Awesome Spot, visit their GoFundMe page.

To learn more about the Rainbow Rhino, click here.

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