In The News: Modesto Ralston Tower Park Senior Playground

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Senior ParkThe Ralston Tower Park Senior Playground project was recently featured in The Modesto Bee. The March 21st article is titled, “Modesto considers playground for seniors.”

On Tuesday, March 22nd, the Modesto City Council voted in favor of entering into a contract with O’Dell Engineering. O’Dell will develop a master plan, design development report, construction documents, and provide construction bidding support for the conversion of an approximately one third acre park into a senior playground, which will be located downtown, conveniently adjacent to a retirement community.

This senior playground will serve to help seniors maintain physical activity, interact with the outdoors, and be socially engaged with the community. Seniors spend time with, socialize with, and recreate with their families, as well as friends/associates which are closer to their age. The success of any senior playground will capitalize on the complexity of these close relationships spanning multiple generations. In essence, this senior playground must be an “intergenerational playground” to realize any level of long term success. This type of project will be the first of its kind in the region and will be of great value to the community as a whole.

O’Dell is thrilled to be involved with such an important community project.

O’Dell offers on-call professional services to the City of Modesto and has completed projects such as the Mancini Park Master Plan, Modesto Dog Park, Monterosso Park, and Wesson Ranch Park.

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