Stockton Rank’s 41 out of 221 US Metro Areas for Compact Growth

By admin

On Friday, April 4th, 2014 the Stockton Record Newspaper reported that the group Smart Growth America has released a report ranking cities according to their compactness and connectedness. Stockton ranked in fourth place for mid-sized metro areas and 41st out of all 221 US metro areas analyzed by the group. The article quotes the vice president of the group as offering a reality check on the report’s findings: “It doesn’t necessarily say you’re doing well. It means other people are doing a lot worse…”

The article also indicates Stockton’s ranking may be skewed because rural farmland in San Joaquin County positively impacts the City’s ranking. The result of California’s laws to protect farmland has resulted in fewer ranchette style parcels in the rural areas surrounding Stockton. The report said the Stockton area ranked poorly in “activity centers” like a vibrant downtown.

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