O’Dell Engineering Project Update: Initial Work Completed On Bland Boundary Survey

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Bland Boundary Survey

Bland Boundary Survey

O’Dell Engineering has completed its initial work on the Bland Boundary Survey. O’Dell Engineering was selected by the Walnut Creek law firm BPBS to assist with the resolution of a boundary dispute between property owners in Central Modesto. The work O’Dell Engineering completed on the project includes:

  1. A boundary field survey to locate property corner monuments and physical occupation like street improvements and fences.
  2. A review of survey maps and other documents prepared by other land surveyors.
  3. Preparation of a technical report and exhibit presenting the results of the boundary survey performed by O’Dell Engineering.
  4. Preparation of a Record of Survey map to preserve the results of the boundary survey in the public record.

Future work for O’Dell Engineering on this project may include provision of expert testimony, determination of agreed boundary lines, and placement of property corner monuments.


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