In The News: San Joaquin County Plans Vineyard Regulation Changes

By admin

San Joaquin County has taken two (2) recent actions related to the regulation of vineyards and wine making. CBS Sacramento reports that the San Joaquin County Planning Commission will soon vote on a ban on winery events on the over 100,000 acres of vineyards within the county boundary. The ban is opposed by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and the San Joaquin Farm Bureau.

Lodi news reported that the County Board of Supervisors also recently voted to deny an appeal of the planning commission’s recent decision to withhold permission for a small winery near Highway 12. The current winery ordinance in the County doesn’t restrict how big a vineyard can be, but the Board of Supervisors said the vineyard planned near Highway 12 wouldn’t fit on the proposed two (2) acre parcel.

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