Ceres Main Canal Bike Path Phases 1-4

This project included the construction of a new paved class I bike path along the levee bank of the Ceres Main Canal. The levee embankment also serves as a patrol and maintenance road for irrigation equipment and personnel. It had been used informally for recreation. Key features of the design project included precision grading plans […]

Avenal Park

This proposition 84 funded park in the City of Avenal is a small half an acre neighborhood park. Despite its size, the park was carefully designed with socially inclusive design features and parameters to provide play for all children regardless of abilities. Child development related features focused on motor function, cognition, sensory stimuli, natural elements, […]


The Ventana development is a 250 acre master planned community in Madera, CA. Ultimate build-out of this community was planned for 4,600 multi-density dwelling units, five acres of commercial, a fifteen acre elementary school, eight acres of public facilities, and twenty acres of parks and open space. O’Dell Engineering provided services including infrastructure study, utility […]

Santana Ranch

Santana Ranch is a planned residential community proposed on approximately 290 acres of land adjacent to the City of Hollister. This mixed use project includes residential uses of varying densities, commercial areas, parks, schools, and an internal trail system. This multi-phased master planned area provides for the development of approximately 1,000 new residential dwelling units. […]

River Islands

The River Islands project is a 4,905 acre master planned community in Lathrop, CA. Ultimate build-out of this community will be comprised of 11,000 dwelling units, five million s.f. of commercial and office space, and nine schools connected by a network of lakes, parks, trails, and open spaces. The construction of 300’ wide levees along […]

Fahren’s Creek

This 174 acre multi-phase master planned area included 574 single family dwellings with master plan infrastructure including sewer pump stations, arterial streets, Caltrans permitting, traffic signals, and FEMA processing. The most complex feature of this development was a floodwater bypass channel designed to receive excessive flows from Fahren’s creek. O’Dell Engineering provided services including infrastructure […]

Altamont Creek

The Altamont Creek project is comprised of a single family residential 130 lot subdivision and creekside neighborhood park. The project included a complex storm drainage solution, bio-swales for improvements to water quality, a FEMA map revision, the Altamont Creek Bridge, creekside habitat restoration, vernal pool planning and avoidance, habitat mitigation, complex hillside grading techniques, and […]

Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center

At the 48 acre Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center, O’Dell provided an entirely new landscape master plan including all parking areas, courtyards, entryways, trails, and open spaces. In addition to planning efforts, improvement plans have also been prepared for new parking lots, storm water holding ponds and for retrofits to the entry drive landscape.

Stonecreek Village Commercial Campus

This 15 acre shopping center was constructed in the City of Los Banos. The project included vehicular, pedestrian, and utility corridors. Major grading and landscape design was also included in the O’Dell design effort. This final phase of a 30 acre shopping center is adjacent to an existing Lowe’s and Target center. Major design features […]

PMB Commercial Development

This 7-acre commercial development in the City of Los Banos included retail shops, fast food restaurants, and a Tractor Supply Company store. The project included off-site street and traffic signal improvements at Ortigalita Road, as well as widening of State Route 152 and corresponding Caltrans coordination, improvement plans, design exception, and encroachment permit processing.