Bald Mill Creek Bridge Replacement

O’Dell Engineering, a Westwood company provided land surveying services for the Bald Mill Creek Bridge Project, located in Fresno County, CA. We provided topographic and boundary surveying to support the design of a replacement bridge over Bald Mill Creek on Jose Basin Road. We set survey control, performed a topographic survey of the bridge site, […]

Altamont Creek

The Altamont Creek project is comprised of a single family residential 130 lot subdivision and creekside neighborhood park. The project included a complex storm drainage solution, bio-swales for improvements to water quality, a FEMA map revision, the Altamont Creek Bridge, creekside habitat restoration, vernal pool planning and avoidance, habitat mitigation, complex hillside grading techniques, and […]

O’Dell Engineering Project Update: Fuller Neighborhood Improvements Project Boundary Nears Completion

Land surveyors at O’Dell Engineering are nearing the completion of a boundary survey for the Fuller Neighborhood Improvements Project in Chowchilla, California. As part of the boundary survey O’Dell Engineering field crews located several property corner monuments in the neighborhood. They also analyzed historical survey maps of the area. The geometry for block and street […]

O’Dell Engineering Project Update: Initial Work Completed On Bland Boundary Survey

O’Dell Engineering has completed its initial work on the Bland Boundary Survey. O’Dell Engineering was selected by the Walnut Creek law firm BPBS to assist with the resolution of a boundary dispute between property owners in Central Modesto. The work O’Dell Engineering completed on the project includes: A boundary field survey to locate property corner […]